Friday, April 1, 2011


As much as I love trying and buying foundations, I don't actually like wearing them all that much - particularly during the day. Part of that reason is living in a generally warm climate, but I also believe I associate foundation with theatre and performance - it really becomes a "mask".

Despite some severe acne in my late teens, I'm lucky that I wound up with generally nice skin, and so I don't feel insecure about going bare-faced in public. I often just wear moisturiser with sunscreen, but sometimes a tinted moisturiser is a nice happy medium.

But finding a tinted moisturiser that works for you can often be problematic. I suspect this is mainly because, unlike foundations, manufacturers tend to only make them in a couple of shades - like "Neutral" and "Dark". Subsequently, many of them are too brown or too orange for my pasty white skin. Another problem is the gluggy nature of some mixtures.

Eventually I discovered a wonderful tinted moisturiser - and best of all, it's inexpensive!

Covergirl Aqua Smoothers are light, creamy, come in a number of colour varieties and contain an SPF 15 sunscreen. I get 805 Fair To Light, and it sinks right into my skin. But as always, experiment freely with the tester to find the colour that suits you.

I love the fact that it's oil and fragrance free, and non-comedegenic. They retail for around $17.95, and last for ages.

This product isn't going to give you a full coverage, but I think it's great for everyday wear if you like having a bit of colour on to even your skin tone or as a little self-confidence booster.

A note of warning though - I went looking for a new Aqua Smoother to replace a finished one, but had a bit of trouble tracking it down. The Covergirl sections in K-Mart, Target and Big W had stopped stocking it, replacing it instead with more TruBlend and Clean foundations. I really hope this is a temporary thing, not a sign of discontinuing the product.

I eventually found it in my beloved Priceline, so head there if you can't track it down elsewhere. I'll be keeping an eye on this one - if I discover it's being discontinued, I'll be stocking up, then having a quiet weep, and beginning the search for a new tinted moisturiser all over again.

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