Saturday, April 2, 2011

Things that Matte-r

A few months ago, I had an inexplicable craving for new eyeshadows. The result was a splurge at StrawberryNet on a number of colour palettes.

On arrival, however, I realised all of the eyeshadow colours contained shimmer. This was not a massive problem, but shimmery colours don't tend to work as well as an eyeshadow base. I really wanted to track down some matte colours, so I could try "building" a look from the lid up.

A few months ago, Revlon brought out a number of new single eyeshadows in three styles - Perle, Satin and Matte. They certainly tested like lovely products, but at around $20 for a single colour, I wasn't rushing to buy them. Luckily, I found a couple of shades discounted at Priceline, so picked up the 002 Peach Sorbet to try.

I fell in love with it straightaway. It has just the lightest touch of peachy colour, and glides on like a dream, particularly if you use an eyeshadow brush. It's a lovely base for other colours to go over the top -  but I've also begun just wearing it alone, particularly when I'm not wearing other make-up. The Peach Sorbet colour works great as an a corrector for your eyelids, giving them a soft, even look.

During a subsequent rummage around a Priceline discount bin, I found the 004 Luscious Lime colour, and picked up another Peach Sorbet, just to be on the safe side. The Lime is quite an odd green, but given its matte nature, still subtle. It would look fantastic on darker skin tones.

I took a photo of my eyes with the peach on one, and lime on the other, but they are so soft they just didn't show up.

I suspect this may be the reason for the discounting - at that higher price, I believe customers would expect a bigger colour impact. This bears out when you see that the Perle and Satin shades remain at the recommended retail price (at least for the moment).

The Revlon|Matte shades come in eight colours - and I would advise if you spot any of them in a discount bin, grab it. The lighter, pinker colours will make great stand-alone shades, but the others will still make a great base for more dramatic looks. And they are just gorgeous in texture. Honestly, I spend minutes just brushing the powder into my eye socket - it simply feels lovely.

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