Thursday, April 28, 2011

Make-Up Club #1: Kate

Kate has great hair, but it's prone to frizziness. So we ran through a lot of serum and styling cream, then used the GHD to achieve a 60s flicked bob. I used my Schwarzkopf Taft Cashmere Touch hairspray (picked it up for about $4 at Target!) to lacquer it all into place - and it seemed to do the trick! Kate also painted her nails with Rimmel Lasting Finish polish in Purple Rain.

Kate originally requested a stark black & white "retro eyes" look to match her 60s hair. Unfortunately, our attempts to create a strong white base on the eyelid using only shadow failed miserably. Apparently you need "eyeshadow paint" - which I'd never even heard of before! Cleopatra-like fine black lines above and below the rims failed too - my brush and pencil attempts were too thick.

So it was back to the drawing board. Using the purple colour as inspiration, we applied darker purples to the outer corners, and lilacs to the lid. Blend, blend, blend! We adjusted the eyeliner to be thicker all round, then added a dash of white shimmer powder to give a magical twinkling effect.

Kate's face really wears strong eyeshadow colours well. They help make her eyes pop from behind her glasses, and next to her dark hair. A peach blush and natural lip gloss complete the look.

As always, opinions welcome!

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