Friday, April 29, 2011

Make-Up Club #1: Aurelie

Aurelie wanted to recreate a Keira Knightley hairstyle - and given her blonde mane is a spectacular cascade of big curls, she was already halfway there. I separated the top third and curled it with the GHD to achieve some uniformity, but left the bottom two-thirds natural and wild. I grabbed two pieces from the bottom section and pinned them on top of Aurelie's head, then pulled the top section over it, to give it the appearance of greater height at the crown. I then grabbed thin pieces and curled them tightly, then sprayed them in place, sweeping back from the forehead. We left a few pieces looser at the neck, then used a comb to pin the big back section off to one side.

Aurelie wanted to try a brown-and-cream look for her eyes, based on an advertisement featuring Monica Belluci. For the life of me, I couldn't find a cappucino brown Australis cream eyeshadow that I KNEW would be perfect for the outer corners. So I improvised with powder shadow - keeping it darker near the rims, then gradually lightening the gradient across the lid, and highlighting under the brow. I put layer upon layer upon layer on Aurelie's eyes - but it's still quite a subtle look in the end.

We gave Aurelie black eyelashes, and simply combed her fabulous brows into place. Natural pink lip gloss and voila! Hands down more photogenic than Keira Knightley anyday!

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