Friday, April 8, 2011

Midas Touch

Matching make-up to accessories can be a fun way to add some glamour to an otherwise plain outfit - in my case, a pretty black top and jeans.

I bought a gorgeous gold-and-white coloured chain necklace from Temt (reduced to $9.95, nice), and decided to try to combine it with my Sportsgirl "Colour Me In" gold-and-white pencil. Then I painted on some Rimmel Lycra Pro nail polish in Gold Infusion for a bit of extra dazzle.

Unfortunately with the lighting and slight blurriness in this picture, you can't quite make out the gold-rimmed eyes. But then, it was after a night of improvising and sweating, and no matter what I try, my eye make-up always seems to wear away.

I can recommend the nail polish; it comes with an excellent wide brush, which makes application easier and more consistent. I think though I need to start wearing a top coat; I only ever seem to get a day out of nail polish before it starts to chip off.

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