Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Make-Up Club #1: Janet

Make-Up Club is simple - a bunch of gals get together, play with hair and make-up, and watch BBC period costume dramas. This last part is particularly important. Initially, we had goals to dress up and go out for dinner, once we'd made ourselves all pretty. But for some reason, we've been perfectly happy to stay in and keep watching handsome 19th century British blokes in cravats.

In these posts, I'll walk through some of the looks we attempted on the girls. It's hard to identify the particular products used, considering we often throw our cosmetic collections on the table and borrow as needed. Shock, gasp! Yes, you probably shouldn't. But as long as nobody's suffering a cold, a coldsore, or conjunctivitis, then you'll probably be OK. None of the girls have complained yet about catching horrendous diseases from my eyeshadows - not even Janet, who seems to be allergic to most things!

Janet has amazingly curly hair, which she has a tendency to cut herself. I ran the GHD through it to straighten it, but due to Janet's home hairdressing, that only revealed the roughly chopped and uneven layers! So considering we were watching Jane Eyre, I decided to try to re-curl, framing her face with curls, then pinning the rest up.

We attempted something a bit ambitious with Janet's eyes - an asymetrical criss-cross eyeline, sweeping up from the inner corner to the brow, then down from the middle lid to the outer corner. The issue here was getting a fine line - I just couldn't wield the brushes in such a way to get the thinner line. So instead I had to blend and blend. I think I need to track down some finer brushes, or maybe try liquid eyeliner instead.

What did work well was the blended "antique gold" look of the lids - achieved by using both cream and powder eyeshadow - and the gorgeous lashes, using a brown/black mascara.

Let me know what you think.

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