Saturday, April 9, 2011

Natio - WTF BBQ?

As you know, I love Natio products in much the same way a Christian person loves Jesus. Some of you may think that's a disrespectful comparison. I say try Natio's Pure Mineral Foundation, then tell me which is truly miraculous.

Natio is fantastic about giving away full-size products as well as sample size treats in their promotional giveaways. But this one takes the cake. Or more accurately - takes the steak.

Currently, if you spend $30 on Natio products at Myer and many participating pharmacies, you receive - a three-piece BBQ set.


I must admit when this first popped up in my inbox, I thought it was a late April Fool's Day joke.

Then I thought perhaps it's a metaphor for a make-up brush set. But no, it's a full size set of tongs, fork and steak-flipper-thing.

This completely confuses me. What's the link between cutlery and beauty? Are they making an ironic jab about cosmetic surgery?

And it's an odd time of the year to do it too. I could understand more if it was November/December, and we were entering our summer season. A gift set like this could make a great present for a female friend who likes to cook. But... in April? They're Australian, they should know people are starting to pack up the barbeques.

I just don't understand the reason behind this. I certainly can't recommend it - I'll be waiting for the next gift of skincare/make-up before I buy again!

I hope it's not a sign that Natio are going to start doing what other companies do and offer crappy non-specific items as customer bait. You know, like some products will offer a tacky tote bag or cheap towel as a "free gift".

Natio - your gifts with purchase have always been outstanding, because they represent great value. When I test the products, I go back to buy the full-size versions. Don't ruin it!

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