Sunday, April 3, 2011

Pencil Me In

It's getting harder and harder for me to find fashion that suits my style or budget at Sportsgirl. Floppy, gauzy blouses and short, floral dresses, for $79.95 and higher? I've realised I'm just not an indie queen with a lax attitude to her credit card repayments.

However, Sportsgirl is a surprisingly good repository for cheap, nifty cosmetics. They also discount regularly, and I've scored lots of cute palettes, lip glosses and eyeliners for $8 or less.  But even at full price, they're pretty decent.

Check out this Colour Me In eyeshadow pencil, for $7.95:

I picked it up because I wanted to try this thing they call an "eyeshadow pencil". It's an odd middle ground: not quite a cream shadow, but not as firm as a liner.

It comes in a variety of cool double-shades, but I picked "Greek Goddess" because while cool, the other shades were a bit night-clubby. I always like white pencils, because they work well as a highlighter. And the gold colour is super pretty, with a touch of sparkle.

It went on relatively smoothly, and stayed put for an evening out. I didn't wear other make-up with it, just the gold around the eyeline, and the white on the lid and under the eyebrow. I blended them with the tip of a finger, but the pencil applicator made it generally simple to apply.

I suspect the gold will suit browner skin tones better than mine, and look sublime on dark skin.

I don't think it's a must-have for your make-up bag, but it is quite convenient, and as long as you carry a sharpener with you, could be a good travel item for adding a little touch of glamour without needing brushes and eyeshadow boxes.

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